Our Responsibility

Our CSR strategy is focused on supporting the local communities by unfolding strategic development projects with specific institutions or public locations. Our projects will impact local communities positively by offering them an improved experience and better living conditions.

We put our efforts and funding into reconstruction projects for medical care and schools, as we consider progress a necessary step into a great future for each local community.

Our focus is on 4 CSR areas:


Caring for people
Offering children and the elderly the chance for a better life, and creating a wonderful local universe for children to be able to grow up in a healthy and safe environment, while the elderly can benefit from high standard medical care.


Responsible partnerships

Making strong partnerships with local authorities that embrace our support for local communities’ growth, working together for a safer and healthier future.


Ethics and integrity

We conduct our businesses respecting our values that have always been vital to our management and staff. Our belief and practice in transparency and reliability have paved the way to being acknowledged as a trustworthy and responsible farmland investor.


Giving back to the communities

Starting in 2010, we introduced a program of continuous improvement of local communities we are active in. We offered support to several schools in Chirnogeni and Amzacea communes in Constanta. “Back to school” was another well received program that provided school pupils with new schoolbags fully equipped for a fresh start to the school year. This year we will continue to develop programs which will have a positive impact on local communities, focusing mainly on reconstruction projects for medical care units.